Ex-golf pro links with Seattle-area AI experts on app that uses 3D motion analysis to improve game

3D analysis, right, of a 2D video image, left, in the Sportsbox AI app. (Sportsbox AI Image) Before you take yet another mulligan, consider that the tool to improving your golf game might not be found in your bag of clubs. The makers of an app that employs artificial intelligence and 3D motion analysis say […]

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‘Way cooler than standing in line’: Mariners fans get first crack at Amazon tech in new ballpark market

Seattle Mariners fans enter the new “Walk-Off Market” at T-Mobile Park on Monday. It was the first game for the new food and beverage store featuring Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser) The Seattle Mariners and their fans would certainly be happy to have a few more walk-off wins this season. […]

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