I can’t access my account.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to access your account.

  1. Account was disabled due to:

    a) Ratings and reviews don't meet community standards
    Consistent complaints from the Sportify community

Where can I see all of my events?

All of your past, current, and future events will be accessible in your profile. 


Can I bring my kids?

If an event is kid friendly, the host will list it under their amenities section.

Can I bring my pet?

If an event is pet friendly, the host will list it under their amenities section.

Is alcohol allowed?

If an event is alcohol friendly, the host will list it under their amenities section.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

If an event is wheelchair accessible, the host will list it under their amenities section.

Will food be provided?

If food will be provided, the host will list it under their amenities section.


Are there any rules for cover charges?

There are no rules for how much you charge to book a seat at your location. We recommend staying around the $15-$20 range per seat. If you offer any amenities, such as food or drinks, you may decide to charge a little extra, but the amount you charge is completely up to you. However, keep in mind, you'll want to be sure to keep your pricing competitive with other hosts in your area.

Can I host more than one event at a time?

Yes. If your setup includes TV’s in multiple rooms, you can broadcast a different sporting event in each room. You can also host multiple broadcasts throughout the day. Simply create an event listing for each broadcast. If you’re hosting multiple broadcasts at once, we recommend that you price your event to allow guests the option to view more than one broadcast.

Will I have a designated seat?

Seating layouts and areas are controlled by the host. Depending on the host’s setup, they may have assigned seating or allow you to pick your seat on a first come first serve basis, but a place to sit should be allocated to you based on the number of seats you’ve purchased.

How do I check-in?

Go to your profile and locate your reservation. Have your assigned QR code ready to be scanned upon arrival. Once your host scans your reservation, you are checked in.

* Hosts can see the profile of every guest who purchased a seat.

Broadcasting Requirements

Required Cable/Streaming Packages

Every host (residential and business) must have an active, legal subscription to a cable TV or streaming service provider.


Choose a streaming service that offers Live TV or contact your local cable provider and get a residential cable package that includes your desired sports channel lineup.


Most cable providers offer their version of a Game TV package, which includes various sports lineups. Contact your local cable provider for information.

I’m a residential host. Do I have to purchase a business cable package for broadcasts?

No, all you need is a residential package. Cable and streaming networks do not offer business packages to residential hosts.

I’m a residential host. Will I have to pay business prices for PPV events?

No. Residential hosts are only required to pay the residential rate for an event. Residential hosts are not bound by commercial licensing requirements. Pricing is based off of your provider.

I’m a residential host. Do I need a music license?

As of the date of this post, residential hosts do not require a music license.


I’m a business host. Can I use a residential cable package for broadcasts?

No. You cannot use a residential cable package to broadcast sporting events. It doesn't matter whether you charge a cover fee or not – due to copyright laws businesses are required to purchase the proper business package.

I’m a business host. Can I purchase a residential PPV package for broadcasts?

No. The commercial exhibition of pay-per-view programming without obtaining commercial licensing rights violates federal laws and is illegal. Bars and restaurants pay a higher PPV fee to obtain those commercial licensing rights. Pricing is based off of your location’s fire code occupancy.

If promoters catch you in the act, it can cost you thousands of dollars in fees.

I’m a business host. Do I need a music license?

Yes, it’s true. Due to copyright laws, businesses must obtain a music license. This is because music played in a commercial venue (i.e. music played during half-time, ring entrance, etc.) is considered a Public Performance, which requires a license. The price is based on the FOC (Fire Occupancy Capacity). Sportify does not offer this service, but you can find out more information through PRO's such as ASCAP and BMI.

Reviews & Ratings

Can I rate a guest or host?

Yes. Hosts and guests can publicly rate and review one another. 


Do you perform background checks?

Yes. In order to cultivate a safe community of users, measures are taken to verify the identity of each user. Guests and Hosts have to provide a government issued ID. Once a user has been verified, their profile will have a Verified User badge. 

Technical Requirements

Are there any technical requirements?

Any technical requirements are outlined to you by your service provider.

For those who use streaming services – quality and reliability could vary based on location and internet service.