(NBA CourtOptix screenshot)

The NBA is tapping the power of its partnership with Microsoft to deliver advanced analytics that offer insights into shots, passes, defense, double teams and more.

NBA CourtOptix Powered by Microsoft Azure utilizes the tech giant’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to track and analyze action on the court and turn it into insightful video about how well players perform in various situations and how that data stacks up against league averages.

Microsoft partnered with the league last year to become its official AI and cloud partner. They quickly went to work during the shortened 2020 season and used Microsoft Teams and the “Together” mode to bring fans who were locked out of arenas by the COVID-19 pandemic closer to the action via a virtual experience.

NBA CourtOptix is reminiscent of Amazon’s NextGen Stats work with the NFL and follows the trend of giving fans and broadcasters more data to better understand plays and games. Microsoft also has a partnership with the NFL, which uses Microsoft Surface tablets on the sidelines.

NBA CourtOptix content is viewable on the league’s social media channels, such as Twitter, where posts marry video highlights with data analytics.