Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady winds up to toss a Microsoft Surface tablet on the sideline during a loss to the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 19. (Twitter screengrab via ESPN)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is going to keep a better grip on his Microsoft Surface after hearing from the NFL about his tablet-tossing tantrum during a loss on Dec. 19.

“I did get a warning from the NFL on that,” Brady said Monday night during his “Let’s Go” podcast (fast forward to 24:45 mark) with Jim Gray. “I can’t throw another Surface, or else I get fined. Imagine that! Imagine that.”

Brady was caught on camera on the sidelines taking out his frustration on Microsoft’s technology after throwing an interception during a 9-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints. He whipped the device over his shoulder and it was rendered useless, ESPN reported.

Microsoft is an official partner of the NFL, and its Surface Tablets have been used by coaches and players since 2013 to review plays. It’s a high-profile, $400 million sponsorship for the tech giant.

“I won’t throw another Surface,” Brady promised. “Although I think it was pretty good marketing for the Surface at the end of the day. I think it worked out pretty well for them.”

Last week on the podcast, Brady told Gray how upset he was and that he “didn’t want to throw an interception with the tablet,” so he made sure it hit the ground.